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The Erasmus PLUS project started on the 13th of January with the first meeting, in which we presented the whole project and we started to collect some ideas and questions to ask the German school with the purpose to understand what the final project should be like.

Two weeks later ( 27th January) we met up again and analysed the answers from Germany, which cleared up our minds and gave us the possibility to plan our further steps. We started to sketch the ideas collected, examining their qualities and sorting all the problems out.

The mobility in Sweden was about to start and we gathered again (17th February) to create the presentation of our ideas for the four students leaving. We divided into groups of four or five and wrote a small report and we came up with various questions to ask all the other schools.

We then impatiently waited for the four students to come back. As soon as they did, they gave us a presentation with all the information written below ( 10th March):

"Our activities in Sweden, which involved every student and teacher, took place from Tuesday to Thursday.

The schedule was perfectly organised: since we had a lot of free time, we never felt overstressed for the amount of activities, and we could therefore visit a bit of the town by ourselves.

The Swedish team was divided in smaller groups depending the movements of the students belonging to their country and bringing them to the designated places.

The Swedish gave us an identification card, a rain coat, which we luckily did not use, and a cardholder with the name of the school.

Tuesday afternoon we played a volleyball tournament. A Swedish teacher divided us into mixed teams in order to meet the students of other groups and to use English to communicate.

Since the German team was made of many, we did not communicate so much with them. Unfortunately, at the beginning we did not socialise so much with the Swedish students too, but at the end they showed themselves to be sociable and open to new acquaintances.

Most of the activity took part inside the school, a very welcoming and technologically up-to-date place.

Every visit and some presentation made by experts were based also on the concept of business plan and how important it actually is for the success of any enterprise.

The activities we did and the places we visited were really satisfying, the teachers from every country were always present. Even though we did not work so much on the project, our first travel was positive and gave us news tarting points and points of view to work on.

On the meeting on 14th April we presented our four final project designs and decided to make a survey, to decide which was the best. In the end, we decided that the final project will be composed of pieces from each single design in a kind of mixed design.

Next month four more students are leavin for Belgium and present the job that Marconi school has done so far. We hope it all goes well and that you like our ideas and we are impatient to see all the activities from the other schools.